Middle School Staff Directory

Photo of Mr. Nathan Otis

Mr. Nathan Otis

Principal - Middle School

Ms Dara Allen

Middle School - Assistant Principal

Photo of Ms. Kelley Baumann

Ms. Kelley Baumann

Life Skills

Photo of Ms. Alicia Bennett

Ms. Alicia Bennett


Photo of Ms. Wendy Benson

Ms. Wendy Benson


Photo of Ms. Amy Brown

Ms. Amy Brown

Emotional Support

Photo of Mr. Jeremy Carver

Mr. Jeremy Carver

8th Gr. - Math

Photo of Mr. Ryan Cassidy

Mr. Ryan Cassidy

8th Gr. ‐ Social Studies

Ms. Tiffany Crozier

6th Grade - Math

Photo of Mr. Jonathan Currier

Mr. Jonathan Currier

6th Grade - Science

Photo of Mr. Stephan DeGrosky

Mr. Stephan DeGrosky


HS - ext. 1305 MS - ext. 2023

Ms. Deatrice Dillard

6th Grade - ELA

Photo of Ms. Mindi Fisher

Ms. Mindi Fisher

School Nurse

Photo of Ms. Lauren Freeman

Ms. Allison Fries

Instructional Aide

Ms. Abigail Harrington

6th Grade - ELA

Photo of Ms. Diane Heaton

Ms. Diane Heaton

Dining Hall Aide

Photo of Mr. Michael Heid
Photo of Ms. Danielle Hofmann

Ms. Danielle Hofmann

Instructional Aide

Ms. Jeanette Horton

Instructional Aide

Photo of Mr. Matthew Humes

Mr. Matthew Humes

7th Gr. - ELA

Photo of Ms. Holly Kitchen

Ms. Holly Kitchen

Autistic Support

Ms. Lauren Kneidinger

7th Grade - Learning Support

Photo of Ms. Victoria Knight

Ms. Danielle Kosslow

7th Grade - Math

Photo of Ms. Allyson McChesney

Ms. Allyson McChesney

8th Gr.- ELA

Photo of Ms. Connie Miller

Ms. Connie Miller

Family Consumer Science

HS ext. 1302 MS ext. 2013

Photo of Ms. Dawn Page

Ms. Dawn Page

Physical Education


6th Gr. ‐ Math


Personal Care Aide

Ms. Bethany Reilly

6th Grade - Learning Support

Photo of Mr. Joshua Richardson

Mr. Joshua Richardson

Physical Education

Photo of Ms. Kristen Righi

Ms. Kristen Righi

Social & Emotional Learning Specialist

Photo of Mr. Steven Righi

Mr. Steven Righi

Technology Education

Photo of Mr. Eric Scouten

Mr. Eric Scouten

6th Grade ‐ Social Studies

Photo of Mr. Daniel Scutella

Mr. Daniel Scutella

8th Gr. - Math

Photo of Mr. Nathan Sellers

Mr. Nathan Sellers

7th Gr. ‐ ELA

Photo of Ms. Michele Seth

Ms. Michele Seth

Attendance Secretary

Mr. Ranen Solymosi

8th Grade - Science

Photo of Mr. Michael Spellman

Mr. Michael Spellman

Instructional Aide

Photo of Ms. Jessica Stetson

Ms. Jessica Stetson

8th Gr. ‐ Learning Spt.

Mr. Benjamin Timon

7th Gr. - Math

Photo of Ms. Emily Troncone

Ms. Emily Troncone

8th Gr. ‐ ELA

Photo of Ms. Nicole Welch

Ms. Nicole Welch

School Counselor

Photo of Mr. Ian Williams

Mr. Ian Williams

7th Gr. ‐ Science

Photo of Ms. Cassidy Wyman

Ms. Cassidy Wyman

7th Gr. Social Studies