Bus Routing Guidelines:

The following list of items will be taken into consideration when determining routes:

  • Child Safety: Keeping the bus stops safe.
  • Ease of turn around: Cases occur where turn-around is a necessity to avoid excessive mileage/traffic conditions.
  • Density of population on the road.
  • Road characteristics: Topography & length of road
  • Efficiency of bus routing
  • Passenger load on bus routes will be maintained as close to full capacity as possible.

Special requests such as routing to and from day care provider), can be made in writing or by filling out the LOCATION CHANGE REQUEST form.  Once submitted, the information will be sent to the transportation secretary and the building secretaries for a bus pass.

School bus routes and schedules will be mailed to student’s home address approximately 10 days prior to the first day of school. Modifications/adjustments to bus routes will be considered within the first two weeks of the school year based on additions/withdrawals and requests.