Administrators are always willing to work with parents and community. If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you speak with the building level administrator so you can work together for a resolution. If you feel that you have not been able to resolve your concern at the building level, your next level of appeal is to the Superintendent who will speak with you over the telephone or meet with you in person.

District Office Administration

Please use the list below for contact information to the corresponding North East School Building. Your communications are welcome and appreciated.
To contact, dial the main line at (814)725-8671.
Photo of Dr. Michele S. Hartzell

Dr. Michele S. Hartzell


Photo of Mr. Brian Emick

Mr. Brian Emick

Assistant to the Superintendent

Photo of Mr. Jeff Fox

Mr. Jeff Fox

Business Manager

Photo of Ms. Shelley Allen

Ms. Shelley Allen

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Photo of Ms. Luann Boltz

Ms. Luann Boltz

Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager

Photo of Ms. Chelsey Ricketts

Ms. Chelsey Ricketts

Payroll & Benefits

Photo of Ms. Tina Gruber

Ms. Tina Gruber

Accounts Payable & Student Enrollment

Photo of Ms. Christina Luke

Ms. Christina Luke

Child Accounting/PIMS Administrator


Photo of Ms. Brianne Hodges

Ms. Brianne Hodges

Special Education Supervisor

Photo of Ms. Denise Pyle

Ms. Denise Pyle

Food Service Director

Photo of Mr. Randy Fedei

Mr. Randy Fedei

Transportation Supervisor

Photo of Mr. Tyler Wilson

Mr. Tyler Wilson

Technology Director

Photo of Mr. William Wingerter

Mr. William Wingerter

Maintenance Supervisor

Building Administrators

Photo of Dr. William Renne

Dr. William Renne

Principal - High School

Photo of Mr. Corey Garland

Mr. Corey Garland

Principal - Middle School

Photo of Ms Dara Allen

Ms Dara Allen

Assistant Principal - Middle School

Photo of Ms. Dina Hathaway

Ms. Dina Hathaway

Principal - Intermediate School

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Principal - Earle C. Davis Primary School