NESD School Safety Tip Line

We proudly promote a safe and positive learning environment at North East School District.
This Safety Tip Line is designed for anyone who feels the need to express his/her safety concerns of the North East School District.
Calls of an urgent nature should still be directed to 911.
If an incident occurs at school and/or during school hours and you feel unsafe or know of someone who feels unsafe, you can use the confidential form to report it. Please relay as much information as possible to include the name of the school(s) and person(s) involved, as well as what type of activities that are alleged and when the activities may occur or have occurred. Contact information such as name, number, and email are not required unless you wish to be contacted regarding a follow-up.
Examples of School Safety Tip Line submissions:
  • Abuse
  • Alcohol, drug, or weapon concern
  • Bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • Student self-harm concern
  • Vandalism/theft
Any of the above actions are not conducive to a positive learning environment and are considered violations of North East School District policy. 
If the situation is of an urgent nature, call 911 immediately. Individuals who have concerns that a person may harm themselves or another are encouraged to report this information to a trusted adult immediately or call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to get help.
The NESD School Safety Tip Line is designed to facilitate the reporting of sensitive messages to school officials, including information regarding safety of all students, drugs/alcohol use, and/or students who may be in need of assistance. All emergencies should be directed to 911.  Messages received will be forwarded confidentially to appropriate school staff, and at the discretion of the District, to local law enforcement. Personal information is not collected when you submit a tip, except the IP address from which the report is submitted from. Please be advised that misuse of this feature or purposely submitting false claims can result in disciplinary action and/or involve local law enforcement.