Student Services - Parent Resources


If your child needs to speak with someone due to feeling stressed or feeling isolated at this time, please have them contact one of our school counselors:

High School

  • Mrs. Dawn Coletta (ECTS/Learning Support) -
  • Mrs. Laura Panek (Freshman & Juniors)-
  • Mr. Matthew Puskar (Sophomores & Seniors) -
  • Mrs. Heidi Martin (Student Assistance Liaison "SAP") -
  • Mr. Joe Rizzo (Student & Family Relations Specialist) -

Middle School

  • Mrs. Nicole Welch (School Counselor) -
  • Mrs. Kristen Righi (Social & Emotional Learning Support) -
  • Mr. Joe Rizzo (Student & Family Relations Specialist) -

Elementary Center - Intermediate and Davis Primary Schools

  • Ms. Kimberly Hart (School Counselor) -
  • Mrs. Kristen Righi (Social & Emotional Learning Support) -
  • Mr. Joe Rizzo (Student & Family Relations Specialist) -

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis or needs support, there are several resources available (not NESD resources):

  • Safe Harbor Warm Line - 877-550-4007 open Tuesday - Saturday, noon - 7:30 p.m. for anyone who just needs to talk to someone.
  • Safe Harbor Crisis Center - Emergency Line - 814-456-2014

Coping with COVID - Video Resources for Families

  • Overview of mental health - What it is & how it’s affected by COVID-19
  • Recognizing changes in thoughts, feelings, behaviors – Determining normal reactions to abnormal situations versus potential cause for concern
  • Simple calming skills (breathing, grounding, reframing)
  • Coping skills (controlling the controllable via daily structure/routine, breaks/play, choosing how we respond, etc.)
  • Self-care & building resilience – The importance of taking care of ourselves, connection between mental & physical health, social connections, how to build resilience
  • Lessons learned – Reflecting on any positives aspects from changed routine, new focus, etc.
  • Resources – Local and national sources of information, support and services