Board Of School Directors

Board Of Directors


The North East Board of School Directors is dedicated to making a genuine difference in the gains in educational achievement of the students of the district. We intend to provide leadership in supporting more graduates who are able and ready to advance successfully beyond our schools. In doing this, we are committed to a non-threatening culture in our system where all educational stakeholders are comfortable talking together without fear because student learning is the most important issue. We want staff to be well trained and measures of student achievement to reflect continuous trends of improvement. We want parents and students to be involved and informed in the student achievement issues.


The North East Board of School Directors believes the manner in which they can function as a leadership team is to work together to carry out the strategic plan and our vision. We will strive to discuss and solve issues on their merits, thereby creating an atmosphere where everyone trusts that any issue can be discussed without fear. Mistakes are treated as lessons.

Board of School Directors

Photo of Mr. Nick Mobilia

Mr. Nick Mobilia

Board President

Term: 2021-2025 | Committee:  Facilities

Photo of Dr. Jane Blystone

Dr. Jane Blystone

Board Vice President

Term:  2021-2025 | Committee:  Policy

Photo of Mr. Corrie Boyd

Mr. Corrie Boyd


Term:  2021-2025 | Committee:  Erie County Technical School

Photo of Mr. James Wargo

Mr. James Wargo


Term:  2023-2027 | Committee:  North East Rec Commission

Photo of Mr. Charles Ferruggia

Mr. Charles Ferruggia


Term:  2023-2027

Photo of Mrs. Katie Phillips

Mrs. Katie Phillips


Term:  2023-2027 | Committee:  School Health Council

Photo of Mrs. Alene Rohde

Mrs. Alene Rohde


Term:  2023-2025 | Committee:  Policy

Photo of Mr. Glenn Craig

Mr. Glenn Craig


Term:  2023-2027 | Committee:  Facilities

Photo of Mr. Mackenzie Luke

Mr. Mackenzie Luke


Term:  2023-2027 | Committee:  Facilities, North East Rec Commission

Thank you for your interest in the North East Board Meetings. We appreciate your involvement in the North East School District. If you have questions or concerns please call us at 725-8671, extension 3906 or 3904.

I would like to share that I am thrilled with the endless amount of opportunities provided to our children. From academic to athletic, extra-curricular to social, the stage is set.
All are encouraged to participate. Be involved and great things will happen!