Good Behavior on the Bus

Discipline Information

  • The school bus is an extension of school itself. Transportation on a district vehicle is a privilege and not a right and may be temporarily or permanently suspended when deemed appropriate. The School Board’s expectation is for students to conduct themselves in a responsible and safe manner while riding on school district operated child transportation.
  • The Principal can suspend a child from district provided transportation for disciplinary reasons, and the parent/guardian shall be responsible for the child’s transportation.
  • An Administrator or designee must be available one hour after the dismissal bell and available by cell phone in the event buses experience delays in completing routes for any reason.
  • Children shall be responsible for their behavior on the school bus. Misbehavior can result in the bus driver being distracted. Such distraction could endanger the lives of all children being transported.
  • Parents are requested to explain the importance of proper behavior on the bus. They also are expected to support disciplinary action that is necessary to help your child change behavior.
  • The primary responsibility of the Bus Driver is to transport students safely. While transporting students, the bus driver also has the responsibility of maintaining discipline on the bus (School Board Policy 810).
  • The School Board authorized the utilization of audio and video cameras and other available means to monitor activity on school buses.
  • Tampering with or destroying bus equipment is a very serious infraction and must be treated as such. This infraction will mean the revocations of the child’s bus privileges along with fees for damages. Every attempt will be made by the driver and the school district to determine the cause and person(s) responsible for the vandalism. When persons(s) are identified as responsible for vandalisms, their names will be submitted to the business office for recovery of damages at the Transportation Coordinators discretion.