About North East High School


One of the outstanding features of North East High School is its academic program – the number, diversity, and quality of its course offerings. With the assistance of the counseling staff, North East students select from among a large number of distinct courses to develop a completely individualized program of studies designed to address personal, educational, and vocational needs and goals. Students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to take advantage of the scheduled opportunities for meeting with North East faculty to discuss academic options and to plan appropriate educational experiences.

The North East Curriculum

Academic subjects – English, social studies, mathematics, science, and foreign language – are offered at various instructional levels to accommodate individual differences in learning style, rate, aptitude, and educational background. Students should select the instructional level within each discipline that affords opportunities for both intellectual challenge and academic success. It is important to review course content, prerequisites, credits, and instructional levels as indicated in the Program of Studies booklet in order to make the most appropriate course selections.

Course Selection

The course selection process is a complex experience in decision making. We encourage students to confer with parents, counselors, and teachers and to take full advantage of the many excellent educational opportunities available with the high school academic program.

Extracurricular Activities

NEHS offers a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and sports to our students. Everyone is strongly urged to become an active member of the high school community and participation in our extra-curricular programs is an excellent way to do this.

Most of the clubs and activities have open enrollment but a few are selective or are dependent upon elections. If student demand exceeds the number of openings some sports may require try-outs. Your homeroom teacher will be able to assist you if you wish to participate in any extra-curricular activities.

Although our primary focus will always be academic, extra-curricular activities are an excellent way to enrich the high school experience. Valuable lessons in teamwork and peer interaction can be developed and practiced. Consider participation in one of our extra-curricular activities as a way to improve both yourself and our school.

Clubs and Activities Inter-Scholastic Sports include:  American Field Service Ecology Club, LifeSmarts, Model United Nations, Musical Production, National Honor Society, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, Senior Play, Student Council, Yearbook, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance Team, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling.