About the Intermediate Elementary School

Nurturing ~  Enthusiasm ~  Inspiring ~ Excellence

The North East Intermediate Elementary (NEIE) School consists of grades 3-5 and makes up one half of the Elementary Center, with Earle C. Davis Primary comprising the other half of the building.  In the truest sense of the words, collaboration and teamwork are essential as the staffs of both buildings work collectively in educating our elementary students.  Areas such as the gymnasium, cafeteria, library, and many other common locations are shared by all students and faculty in the building.  While housed under one roof, staffs of both schools work closely together to create a seamless elementary program.

The Intermediate Elementary school is filled with motivated learners eager to continue their journey of learning that was begun in the Primary School.  A key theme at NEIE is the concept of departmentalization.  This term means that teachers in each grade level have a focused content area that they are responsible to instruct on a daily basis.  In turn, the students begin to “travel” and are taught by several teachers throughout each school day.  Students are exposed to a variety of content including: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, library, music, aquatics, and physical education.  They also are given every opportunity to engage and interact with technology, both in their classrooms as well as in the computer lab.

The PA Core Standards drive the overall curriculum at the Intermediate School.  To this end, instructional content is heavily geared to meeting the requirements found within the PA Core.  Students will begin to be tested on state PSSA assessments in third grade.  These assessments are entirely aligned to the PA Core and serve as one measure of effectiveness for student learning.  It is important to note that both student achievement and student growth are key concepts for the staff at NEIE. It is a philosophical tenet of the Intermediate School administration and faculty that parent involvement is critical to the learning process of children.  We strive to build connections and maintain open lines of communication with parents to maximize the learning possibilities for all students.  As we continue the academic and extracurricular development of our students in school, we ask for the continued support of all parents at home as well.  Together, we will truly be successful in growing all learners!

Mr. Brian Emick

Principal - Intermediate School

As a part of the Intermediate Elementary it has been a great pleasure to work with the fourth grade students helping them improve their skills at every level of learning.  It is an exciting time here as we update programs, reach for new goals and develop children’s potential.