Earle C. Davis Staff Directory

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Principal - Earle C. Davis Primary School

Photo of Ms. Ashley Bartlett

Ms. Ashley Bartlett


Photo of Ms. Sara Bentley

Ms. Sara Bentley

Instructional Aide

Photo of Mr. John Bini

Mr. John Bini

2nd Gr.

Photo of Ms. Rachel Burger

Ms. Rachel Burger

Life Skills

Photo of Ms. Janet Caron

Ms. Janet Caron

Instructional Aide

Photo of Ms. Kim Carpin

Ms. Kim Carpin

Title I

Photo of Mr. Gregory Cass
Photo of Ms. Tonya Craig

Ms. Tonya Craig

Instructional Aide

Photo of Ms. Melinda Cunningham

Ms. Melinda Cunningham


Photo of Ms. Ricki Davis

Ms. Ricki Davis

Learning Support

Photo of Ms. Amber Dunmire

Ms. Amber Dunmire


Photo of Ms. Michelle Eller
Photo of Ms. Beth Falk

Ms. Beth Falk


Photo of Ms. Stephanie Fisher

Ms. Stephanie Fisher


Photo of Ms. Kathleen Gallagher
Photo of Ms. Kara Gilbert

Ms. Kara Gilbert

Instructional Aide

Photo of Ms. Kimberly Hart

Ms. Kimberly Hart

School Counselor

Photo of Mr. Colby Howe

Mr. Colby Howe

Autistic Support

Photo of Ms. Bridget Jacob
Photo of Ms. Emily Kaizer
Photo of Ms. Carol Komorowski
Photo of Ms. Paula Kraft

Ms. Paula Kraft

Learning Support Aide

Photo of Ms. Julie Laemmerhirt

Ms. Julie Laemmerhirt

Autistic Support Aide

Photo of Mr. Louis LaFuria

Mr. Louis LaFuria

Title I Math

Photo of Ms. Kiersten Lawrence

Ms. Kiersten Lawrence

School Nurse

Photo of Ms. Tracey Lewis

Ms. Tracey Lewis

Instructional Aide

Photo of Ms. Jennifer Lindenberger
Photo of Ms. JoAnn Machuga

Ms. JoAnn Machuga

Instructional Aide

Photo of Mr. William Mackin

Mr. William Mackin


Photo of Ms. MaryJo McFeely
Photo of Ms. Rachael Merry
Photo of Mr. John Meyer

Mr. John Meyer

2nd Gr.

Photo of Ms. Lisa Meyer

Ms. Lisa Meyer

2nd Gr.

Photo of Ms. Natalie Miller
Photo of Mr. Ryan Mitchell

Mr. Ryan Mitchell


Photo of Ms. Mary Olyer
Photo of Ms. Carmen Opperman

Ms. Carmen Opperman

Instructional Aide


Instructional Aide



Photo of Ms. Kayla Quick

Ms. Kayla Quick


Photo of Mr. Tim Skelly
Photo of Ms. Antonia Tanner

Ms. Yvonne Taylor

Instructional Aide