About Earle C. Davis Primary School

Earle C. Davis Primary was built and first opened in 1967. Originally, it housed grades one and two. Later, kindergarten and grade three were added, along with central administrative offices. Then in January 2000, the North East Elementary Center was dedicated. Davis Primary had been completely renovated. The Heard School was closed and grades three, four and five moved to become the other half of the Center, now known as North East Intermediate Elementary. These two schools under one roof share a library, cafeteria, gymnasium, pool, large group instruction room, and several other instructional areas. Staffs of both schools work closely together to create a seamless elementary program.

Two of the hallmarks of Earle C. Davis Primary are the quality of families that send us their children, and the dedication and expertise of the teaching staff. Thankfully, our parents have high expectations for their children and for us. They are actively involved in our programs through a number of volunteer programs. Primary among these are the parent organization and the parent volunteers. They are highly knowledgeable about our primary curriculum and programs.

The teachers of Earle C. Davis are as capable and professional as one could find anywhere. They have dedicated themselves to each child and have as their mission the child's success. This positive attitude can be seen everywhere throughout the school.

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Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Earle C. Davis Primary | 50 East Division Street, North East, PA 16428
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Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Principal - Earle C. Davis Primary School