Special Education

“We cannot be content to live by the past, but must be ready to face the challenges of the future.”

North East School District offers a wide array of programs, supports, and services for students with disabilities aimed to meet the needs of all students. Special education services are available at no cost to parents for students ages 3-21 who meet the eligibility requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Parents/guardians who may have concerns regarding their student are encouraged to contact their student’s teacher(s), the building principal, or the Director of Special Education.

Special Education Requests:

Please contact Brianne Hodges or Mackenzie Courtney at the phone numbers listed below.

Photo of Ms. Brianne Hodges

Ms. Brianne Hodges

Special Education Supervisor

Photo of Ms. Mackenzie Courtney

Ms. Mackenzie Courtney

School Psychologist