NEIE Receives the 2021 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

NEIE Receives the 2021 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

“This year’s Environmental Excellence honorees showcase the innovation and passion that our students, educators, and community and business leaders bring to environmental challenges,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “Their dedication brings health, economic, and recreation benefits not only to their communities but to all Pennsylvanians.” Applications were evaluated for their degree of environmental protection, innovation, partnership, economic impact, consideration of climate change and sustainability, and outcomes achieved.

“North East Intermediate Elementary was among the thirteen schools across the Commonwealth to receive the 2021 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence and it is an honor to showcase the excellent work of our teachers, staff, administration, students, and partnerships,” said Superintendent Michele Hartzell.”

“We are extremely proud of and grateful for the hard work and dedication on the part of Mrs. Baumann and Mr. Bailey, as well as Mrs. Harayda and others who have played an integral role in developing our partnership with the Regional Science Consortium and, in particular, the development of this project. This is yet another testament to the outstanding academic and extracurricular opportunities our students get to experience as a result of the commitment and dedication of our teachers and support staff,” said NEIE Principal Mr. Brian Emick.

“There’s a clear message in the powerful results these award-winning projects have had in the field, in their communities, in the classroom, and at the worksite: The environment is incorporated into all aspects of our lives, and we can all be environmental stewards,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “It’s a privilege to spotlight each year the best of the best among those who understand the importance of this for Pennsylvania, now and in the future.”

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