New Student Enrollment 

Attached are several forms, which need to be completed entirely and returned with the appropriate information. The following items are requirements for the registration and entry of a student(s) into the North East School District:

  1. PROOF OF RESIDENCY – TWO FORMS (ie: Driver’s License with corresponding address; copy of a current utility bill or agreement for service that includes your name and address; if you rent or lease, a copy of your lease agreement, or sales agreement for purchase of a home within the district)
  2. ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (we will make a copy)
  4. CUSTODY ORDER – If a custody order is in effect for the student(s) being registered the district will need to make a copy of the most recent order.
  5. FOSTER CARE – Provide placement documentation.

If you have any questions, please call the Administration office at (814) 725-8671 ext. 3900.