Due to the COVID-19 school closure, all activities will be canceled until further notice.  If you have paid for an activity that your child was not able to participate in due to COVID-19, you will be reimbursed.  With regards to the NE Recreation Commission's Summer Recreation Program, we are following CDC guidelines for the opening of all programs.  More information will follow when it becomes available.  Thank you for your patience!

Send your reimbursement request to your coach and include:

  1. Your name

  2. Your child's name 

  3. Sport

  4. Amount to be reimbursed

We thank you in advance for your patience as this will take some time to coordinate due to the closing of the offices necessary to generate the reimbursements. 

The NE Recreation Commission meets the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month at the NE Borough building.  The committee is comprised of NE residents from each of the following jurisdictions: three (3) borough, three (3) township, three (3) school board representatives.

All flyers will be posted on this page.

Please visit the NE Recreation Commission Facebook pages at: