Administration Staff Directory

Dr. Michele S. Hartzell


Mr. Brian Emick

Assistant to the Superintendent

Mr. Jeff Fox

Business Manager

Ms. Shelley Allen

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Principal - Earle C. Davis Primary School

Ms. Luann Boltz

Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager

Ms. Dina Hathaway

Principal - Intermediate School

Dr. Steve Karns

Co-Principal - Middle School

Ms. Chelsey Ricketts

Payroll & Benefits

Ms. Brianne Hodges

Special Education Supervisor

Dr. William Renne

Principal - High School

Mr. Brian Dewey

Director of Athletics

Ms. Tina Gruber

Accounts Payable & Student Enrollment

Ms. Christina Luke

Child Accounting/PIMS Administrator

Ms. Erin Terry

Athletic Trainer