Administration Staff Directory

Dr. Michele S. Hartzell


Mr. Jeff Fox

Business Manager

Ms. Shelley Allen

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Dr. Jennifer Ritter

Principal - Earle C. Davis Primary School

Ms. Luann Boltz

Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager

Mr. Brian Emick

Principal - Intermediate School

Dr. Steve Karns

Co-Principal - Middle School

Ms. Chelsey Ricketts

Payroll & Benefits

Ms. Brianne Hodges

Special Education Supervisor

Mr. Nathan Otis

Principal - Middle School

Dr. William Renne

Principal - High School

Mr. Brian Dewey

Director of Athletics

Ms. Tina Gruber

Accounts Payable & Student Enrollment

Ms. Christina Luke

Child Accounting/PIMS Administrator

Ms. Erin Terry

Athletic Trainer